Random talk- Q&A

Hi all,

I decided to make a Q&A since many people are asking the same things.

If there is anything I didnt answer and you still want to know, just ask.

Here it goes-

Q1: Is this the WN (web novel) or the LN (light novel)?

A1: This is the WN version which can be found in the raw link-


Q2: Will you do the LN as well?

A2: NO. We will not work on the LN.

Q3: Why are you not working on the LN?

A3: For a few reasons:

  1. It might get licensed and we will have to drop it. As it is a good thing for the author, it is not so much for us who work on it- we will have to drop the project! (and no, we won’t add Fanfic before it or anything as such- drop is drop). But with WN version, as it is free, somethng like that won’t happen.
  2. Starting from the beginning again will bore us and we won’t want to work on it anymore…
  3. Getting raws. We would like to work on something that has easy access and won’t be too much of a trouble for us because then we wouldn’t have started it in the first place.

Q4: Then what would you do after you finish the 60+ chapter Shinwa got?

A4: We will most likely pick something new.

Q5: Do you know what you want to pick up next? Do you accept suggestions for light/web novels?

A5: There are a few I’m thinking about, but I would like to hear what people have to say as well. I believe I missed a few hiding gems that are out there and as such, if you do have a project you want us to work on, do let us know when the time comes (when we are close to finish Shinwa, most likely).

Q6: Can you tell us what kind of projects you are looking for?

A6: NOT harem! NOT shoujo! NOT ecchi! and nothing that is weird, please.

Other world, OP MC, wars and strategies, kingdom building and so on.

Most importantly- they need to be completed and Japanese.

Q7: How often do you release a chapter? and why?

A7: Once every 2 weeks on Sunday evening my time (+2 UTC). And as for why- Choi is working (in REAL life) and I’m a 4th year in university which doesn’t give us a lot of free  time to keep working non-stop on the things we love ^^ (manga and novels!)

Well, that is it for now. I hope it helped~!