Novel Suggestions~

Hi guys! ^^

As I said, I would like to hear what kind of novels are out there that will be good to work on~?

What I DO NOT want to see in said novel:

NO harem! NO shoujo! NO Ecchi! and nothing that is weird, please. And when I say no Harem, I mean it… Also MC that is a man is better (for some reason I really want to hit girl MCs after a few chapters…hate them ~.~), but it doesn’t mean he has to be a human.

(For those of you who asked, a little girl running to the MC, sniffing him and telling him how good he smells is a wtf moment… then making said girl go and tug the clothes of an adult woman just so that the reader can see her half naked is a wtf moment… A.K.A unneeded Echhi for the sake of fan-service, wasting my time on reading it and going ‘WHY!?’…)

Things I would like to read about:

Other world, OP MC, wars and strategies, kingdom building and so on. The more interesting it is , the better ~.^

We will be working on WBs so please, no LN. Also, please check if they were completed beforehand.  Of course, they most be Japanese! xD

How to write a suggestion-

  1. add the name and author (English or Japanese).
  2. Link to the online raws.
  3. a pic (or a link to one) if there is any.
  4. BU link if there is any.
  5. The reason why we should pick it- what you liked about it? what you didn’t like about it?
  6. If it was done before- link the Novel Update link so I can read it ^^

I hope we find a good one!

Thanks ❤


16 thoughts on “Novel Suggestions~

    • Ah, i don’t know if you would count it as harem or not, but it has only two girls love the main char, and they all have good reason to develop their love, not like some boob-touching-and-*boom*-they-fall-in-love novels.


  1. sniffing him and telling him how good he smells
    this interaction seems normal to me though, not with a little girl but I experience and seen this kind of interaction irl at times with friends, classmates, or acquaintance male or female when I or my friends wear new perfume.

    on the topic about recommendation, Its difficult to find a non light novel without any hint of harem or fan-service since i can’t read raw on syosetu.
    how about “Janitor is not a Hero”? I don’t know about the future chapters but as far as the translation stopped at, there is no hint of romance or fan-service that i remember of but i’m not so sure because there are some potential heroines too, you can ask those who read ahead.


    • I had friend tell me my perfume smells good too, but it was never a small girl clinging to me and sniffing me like what we saw in the last chapter… that is just way too weird especially since little girls don’t really care for such stuff. Meaning this whole thing meant to be a loli weird thing…….

      If it was easy to find, we wouldn’t have asked ~.^
      I’ll wait and see if anyone call tell me more about that novel o.0



  2. 1.Legend of the Continental Heroes (I don’t know jap name)/Author Waruichi
    3.there’s pic here
    4.because the older translators stop progressing for 2 month now last episode is 45.
    It’s wars genres and I quite like protagonists he is strategist type that can defend himself. I not good at explaining thing so please try it. I really like this novel


  3. I did read the instructions but am to lazy to search for the requirements so I’m just gonna mention Maken No Daydreamer because it’s been stuck on chapter 50 and it’s one of my favorite novels, it’s up to you if you want to consider it


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