Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

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Oh well, having another girl in the story doesn’t mean that, right? RIGHT? ;-;

Anyway, we have an Elf on board now~

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Chapter 1, Episode 11: Baptism

The princess maiden wore plain, white clothes, with a black skirt.

It gives off a sense of open-mindedness which naturally attracts men, and by adding her own charm to that, she enhances her allure.

The healing fragrance exuding from her was enough to carry your senses away.

Her beauty was enough to enrapture you, and her soft, gentle skin was glistening in the sun’s rays.

And there was something even more intriguing about her.

Her ears were oddly long and pointed.

Perhaps because she noticed Hiro’s impolite gaze, the princess maiden displayed a smile as beautiful as a garden in full bloom.

「Did my ears catch your eyes?」

「Ah, umm… well, they’re an unusual shape.」

「Hehe, that’s true. They must be unusual to humans.」

Unoffended, she laughs while touching her own ears.

Liz, who was standing next to him, dug her elbow into Hiro’s side.

As he turns to face to her, she brings her mouth to his ear.

「She’s an elf. They have a trait of long life, but what people envy about them is that they’re all just so beautiful~」

「I-I see. It’s true that her face looks otherworldly…」

You’re just as beautiful. There’s no way Hiro was capable of saying anything quick like that.

The princess maiden watched the two whisper as she maintained her smile.

「Also, they’re really smart. There’s an elf in my oldest brother’s staff of officers, and—」

「Princess! What are you doing in a place like— wait, you again! Boy!」

「Uh, uh, I didn’t do anything!」

The bear-like Tris looks furious as he approaches.

But he loses momentum midway.

There was a woman standing between him and Hiro.

「Master Tris, I ask that you please keep your voice down while inside Frieden.」

「M-Mm… My apologies.」

Tris gets on one knee and lowers his head.

「I’m glad you understand.」

As the princess maiden once again turned towards the two, Tris turned to the side and opened a path.

「Please, breakfast has been prepared. We can converse at leisure there.」

「Ah, yes, please.」

「I was hungry. Thanks!」

The princess maiden led the way, and as the two followed…

「N-Not just once, but twice… I’ll remember this, boy.」

Is what could clearly be heard as they passed by Tris.

Hiro pretends he doesn’t hear him and picks up his pace.

He senses a bloodlust shooting towards him from behind, but it must be his imagination.

The interior of Frieden is divided into 4 areas.

The central area is the site of baptism, where the spirit king is worshipped.

This is where newborn babies or first-time visitors of Frieden are invited to.

The eastern area is where maiden apprentices perform their training, and is closed off to outsiders.

The western area is the residential quarters for the maidens and maiden apprentices, and the southern area is used for pilgrims. An inn and dining hall can be found there.

Hiro and Liz had been invited to the residential quarters.

Tris and Liz’s private soldiers were up all night at the inn.

While on their way to the western area, the princess maiden stops in her tracks and looks to Hiro.

「If I remember correctly… you haven’t been baptized yet, have you, Master Hiro?」


「Oh, you haven’t, Hiro?」

He doesn’t recall receiving any baptism since he came from his world.

「Yes, I don’t recall receiving one…」

「Then, would you come with me to the site of baptism, Master Hiro?」

「Guess there’s no choice. Hiro, make sure the spirit king takes a liking to you.」

「Hmph, I hope the boy gets cursed.」

The princess maiden shifts her gaze to Liz.

「Please go on ahead and enjoy your breakfast, Lady Celia Estreya. Do you know the way to the dining hall?」

「Don’t worry. I’ve been here a few times so I won’t get lost.」

「Then I shall take Master Hiro to the site of baptism. Is that all right with you?」

「Yeah. Hiro, there’s nothing to be afraid of, so relax and receive your baptism.」

Liz takes Tris and disappears into the hallway.

The princess maiden watches her go, then suddenly grasps Hiro’s hand.

「Now then, this way. Ahh, I’m holding your hand so you don’t get separated.」

「I-Is that why?! Y-You scared me.」

Hearing those words through her smile, overflowing with a mature charm, made Hiro’s heart pound hard enough to explode.

For a while thereafter, they walked silently along a passageway surrounded by white walls.

They turned so many times, and all the passageways looked so similar, that Hiro could no longer tell the way back.

Gradually, it started to get dimmer and dimmer, and finally, they came to a stop…

「We’re here. This is the site of baptism.」

「… This is…」

Hiro was taken aback.

The princess maiden lets go of his hand and disappears somewhere.

Hiro doesn’t notice though. That is the extent of how overwhelmed he is.

The passageway stops abruptly, as if cut by a sharp blade, and before Hiro, stretched out a forest.

Hiro’s feets moved forward on their own.

An icy blue stream of wind flows by, and a cool sensation brushes against his skin.

The chirps and tweets of small birds spread throughout the air.

As he comes out the other side of the forest, Hiro walks out to an open area and arrives at a spring.

Lined pillars surround the glittering spring.

Behind it, are two giant bronze statues.

Between them, was a floating white orb which gave off a divine light.

When he lowered himself and extended his hand to try to touch the water, the grass behind him rustled.

Hiro gasped and turned around.

「I apologize for the wait. I would like to begin the baptism now.」

There, stood the princess maiden, wearing a piece of cloth so thin he could see her snow-white skin…

Her breasts were slightly visible, and below those overwhelmingly seductive tips, was her narrow waist.

He looks further down, where there is a shadow cast between her feet.

Before Hiro, stood a brilliant, white female body with a keenly honed beauty.

He could see her entire body. It would rather have been better if she weren’t wearing anything at all.

「Is something the matter?」

「Umm… uhh, what is a baptism?」

「It is to receive the blessing of the spirit king.」

「Is that something you can’t do alone?」

「This is a special case.」

「Wh-Why is it special?」

He tries to hide his face so as not to see her, but he hears the sound of grass rustling from her footsteps.

He could tell the princess maiden is closing the gap between them.

「I am not able to say. However, I am able to provide you with an impetus.」

He could tell the princess maiden was crouching.

Her thigh came flying into view, with its vibrant, white skin.

A hand was placed gently on his shoulder, and it moved slowly to touch Hiro’s cheek.

She urged him to look up, and he was unable to resist.

They lock eyes from a distance close enough to touch each other’s noses.

「… I am genuinely joyful about your safe return.」

A trailed of tears ran down her cheeks, and gently caressed her damp lips.


「Tris! Hiro wasn’t there!」

「Please be calm. The Sixth Imperial Princess should not be running around so.」

「B-But he wasn’t at the site of baptism! He might’ve gotten lost…」

「I don’t think that is possible with the princess maiden accompanying him…」

「Then where did he go…? I bet he’s crying right now.」

Liz readjusted herself in her seat and covered her face with her hands.

The table before her was lined with empty plates.

At her feet was Cerberus, who seemed to look content.

Sitting across from her is Tris.

「He is already a man of 16. I don’t see that happening. Maybe—」

A certain person came into view, and Tris cut himself off.

「Princess, it looks like he’s returned.」


When she turned around, there was Hiro.

Perhaps it was due to the baptism, but he seemed a bit tired.

「Hiro! Over here!」

As she waved her hand and called to him, he looked towards her and started walking.

Maybe it was because she couldn’t stand Hiro’s sluggish walking, but Liz ran towards him, and pulled him to the seat next to her.

「Hiro… you look kind of tired. Was the baptism that exhausting?」

「Yeah, it was really exhausting mentally.」


「I didn’t know where to look, and I came in contact with so many things.」

「Well, it looks like there were a lot of people. You have a fairly cute face Hiro, so there’s no helping it if the the old men got strange ideas.」

「What? Old men?」

「They were old men, right?」



As they both tilted their heads at each other, a shadow fell between them.

「— Lady Celia Estreya, how was breakfast?」

She turned around, and there was the princess maiden standing behind her.

「Ah, it was very delicious. Just what I’d expect from Frieden’s dining hall.」

「I’m glad to hear that. Will you be staying tonight as well?」

「Umm~ it’s a tempting offer, but we have to depart soon.」

「That’s too bad. I’m sure you’re busy with numerous matters, but please do stop by again.」

「We’ll be back soon. We have to come back for my wounded subordinates anyway.」

They have no choice but to leave the soldiers with broken arms and legs.

This is because they have no idea what will happen from here on out. If they were to battle, they would be unable to protect them.

「That’s true. When you return, I’d love to see you again as well, Master Hiro. I’d very much enjoy another chance to talk to you about various things.」

「Ah, umm, okay. I’ll be back…」

「Hiro? Your face is completely red. Did you catch a cold or something?」

「No, I-I’m alright.」

「Hehe, then, I shall excuse myself now.」

「Ah, thank for you for everything. I’ll never forget this debt.」

「It is the duty of those who serve the spirit king to save those in trouble. If you don’t mind, please lean on me whenever you’d like.」

「Thank you so much!」

「Also, we have prepared horses for you outside. Please use them as you please.」

And so, the princess maiden bent at the waist to give a bow and took her leave.

After watching her leave, Liz sat down once more and looked at Hiro.

「Hey, your face really is red.」


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