Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

First, I would like you all to congratulate Choi for passing his N1 test! You are the best Choi

(More info about the test- Basically it means that Chois knows what he is doing ~.^)

Secondly, I decided to let my Yan side show more (for those who yet to know, I’m a Yandere with 20% Yan and 80% dere. More info here- fufu~), and each time Choi and I finish a chapter, I will edit the ToC page with its name. As you can probably see, all the names till chapter 28 are up there  ^^ Meaning? I read till chapter 28 already MUHAHAH~! *cough*

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Now, enters the loli! Enjoy the chapter~

(P.S- I am still hoping this doesn’t mean it will turn into an Harem…)

Chapter 1, Episode 21: Child Prodigy

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