Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

Here is another chapter of Shinwa~! because we are so genero-

Well, not really xP. it is my (Ell’s) Birthday xD

(I wanted a Gunka chapter but the EGS team didnt make it on time… ;-;)

Anyway, I got some tests coming up, but I dont think it will affect our schedule.

Wish me luck ~.^

P.S- thanks Choi for the Birthday chapter ❤

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Random talk- choiboy84’s side

Hey All,

So… we added a donation button on the sidebar >=]
If you want to push me to translate faster, feel free to send a little something my way xD
Or if you just really enjoy the translations and you’re the generous type, that would be awesome too.

In case you missed it in the comments of the last episode, this web novel does looks like it’s discontinued, but we’ll release translations for whatever’s been written.
We’ll probably move on to something else after that.

Also! In case anyone’s interested, we just released the first chapter of Knights & Magic recently at
It’s a manga adaptation of a web novel of the same name that involves fantasy and robots.
Looks pretty promising, so go check it out!