Novel Suggestions~

Hi guys! ^^

As I said, I would like to hear what kind of novels are out there that will be good to work on~?

What I DO NOT want to see in said novel:

NO harem! NO shoujo! NO Ecchi! and nothing that is weird, please. And when I say no Harem, I mean it… Also MC that is a man is better (for some reason I really want to hit girl MCs after a few chapters…hate them ~.~), but it doesn’t mean he has to be a human.

(For those of you who asked, a little girl running to the MC, sniffing him and telling him how good he smells is a wtf moment… then making said girl go and tug the clothes of an adult woman just so that the reader can see her half naked is a wtf moment… A.K.A unneeded Echhi for the sake of fan-service, wasting my time on reading it and going ‘WHY!?’…)

Things I would like to read about:

Other world, OP MC, wars and strategies, kingdom building and so on. The more interesting it is , the better ~.^

We will be working on WBs so please, no LN. Also, please check if they were completed beforehand.  Of course, they most be Japanese! xD

How to write a suggestion-

  1. add the name and author (English or Japanese).
  2. Link to the online raws.
  3. a pic (or a link to one) if there is any.
  4. BU link if there is any.
  5. The reason why we should pick it- what you liked about it? what you didn’t like about it?
  6. If it was done before- link the Novel Update link so I can read it ^^

I hope we find a good one!

Thanks ❤


Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

And~ here is the last chapter I said we will release ^^

Chapter 6 of vol 5 (chapter 59).

For all of those who asked- there are too many wtf moments in this chapter ~.~

I will make a suggestions post next week for what project to pick up next, with all the things I don’t want to see (easier than what I do want XD).

But that is for next week! ^^ For now, enjoy the last chapter from us~!


Chapter 3, Episode 6: Reunion

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