Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan


Once upon a time, a boy was referred to as a “War Hero.”

In another world called Aletia, the boy who had saved the Lost Kingdom, conquered their neighbouring countries, and led to the rise of a grand empire decided to throw everything away, returning to the modern era at the cost of his memories.

As three years passed, the boy who was happily enjoying his daily life was once again called back to the other world.

However, what awaited him was the Aletia of 1000 years in the future.

As his past glories became a “myth,” the legend of the youth referred to as the, “Twin Black Hero King,” begins.

Raw link-

Episode 1: A hero returning home.

Chapters 1-4-

Chapter 5-  (Crimson Blade)

Chapter 6-  (Clash)

Chapter 7-  (Rest)

Chapter 8-  (Glimpse)

Chapter 9-  (Ally)

Chapter 10-  (God of War)

Chapter 11-  (Baptism)

Chapter 12-  (The End of the Journey)

Chapter 13-  (Execution)

Chapter 14-  (Massacre)

Chapter 15-   (Despair)

Chapter 16-  (Resurrection)

Chapter 17-   (Torture)

Chapter 18-  (Crimson Flower)

Chapter 19-  (Premonition)

Chapter 20-  (Lie)

Chapter 21-  (Child Prodigy)

Chapter 22-  (Dark Clouds)

Chapter 23-  (Ill Omen)

Chapter 24-   (Chaos)

Chapter 25-  (Lightning Swiftness)

Chapter 26- (Poison)

Chapter 27- (Return of the Hero)

Chapter 28- (Epilogue)

Episode 2: The Birth of the One Eyed Dragon

Chapter 0- (Prologue)

Chapter 1- (Departure)

Chapter 2- (Village)

Chapter 3- (Zorosta)

Chapter 4-  (Farmers)

Chapter 5-  (The Imperial Capital)

Chapter 6- (The Imperial Palace)

Chapter 7-  (Noble’s Wife)

Chapter 8-  (The Widow’s Trap)

Chapter 9-  (The Black Imperial Prince)

Chapter 10-  (Advance)

Chapter 11- (Anticipation)

Chapter 12- (Bandits)

Chapter 13- (Struggle)

Chapter 14- (The Battle begins)

Chapter 15- (Joining the Battle)

Chapter 16-  (Black God)

Chapter 17- (Commander)

Chapter 18- (Stratagem)

Chapter 19- (Night Assault)

Chapter 20- (Decisive Battle at Night)

Chapter 21- (Pride)

Chapter 22- (Bloodlust)

Chapter 23- (Epilogue)

Episode 3: The flight of the black imperial prince.

Chapter 00-  (Prologue)

Chapter 01- (Start)

Chapter 02- (Unusual Event in the Northern Region)

Chapter 03- (Halfway Point)

Chapter 04- (Stars)

Chapter 05- (A Darkness Begins to Move)

Chapter 06- (Reunion)


This website is Choi and mine playing ground xD I hope you enjoy too~!

36 thoughts on “Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

  1. Hello, saw the summary of this and it sounds like it was a pretty good story, or at least I haven’t seen a plot quite like the one this one has. so I was wondering how your schedule for this was and if you needed any editors to help out a little in there spare time?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I got my answer about why you are working on Wn not on Ln but what about that this Wn is discontinued so it means the story is not completed. Am I right?. If I am,then why you guys choose to work on this Wn, there are other Wn which are completed,Can you tell that is the story is complete or not.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Because I like it and I wanted to do it o.0
          Do you need a better reason?
          It is not completed but I’m fine with it- we will just reach the end and PICK something NEW.

          We are having fun working on it and the story is good. If you are also enjoying it, then I see no reason to change the WN we are working on right now, no? ^^


  2. Well first off I’ll start by saying I’m with you 100% with the whole tired as hell with the whole harem plot. Normally if a ln or wn turns out to be one I’ll lose interest almost immediately, so with that in mind I still have to throw “Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei” out there…though there is a bit of it in there for the most part due to the MC’s character he’s more indifferent instead of being annoying “oblivious” to the others around him. I’ll find others out there that have little or hopefully none of the harem plot in it but as of now this is one that I’d really like to see picked up by someone who’ll translate it regularly. but at the end of the day it’s your choice, till next time. And thanks for all the work with Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan, sucks it stops at 60 something.


  3. Well this will be my last suggestion although it isn’t a Web novel it’s already finished…and I don’t think it’s been seralized..but Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden seems like a good choice…baka suki has stopped at volume 7 out of 13…and other then it being a LN it seems to be fine everywhere else


    • Well, if by the last chapter you mean 69, then that would suck and we will drop it before it.
      But if by volume you mean the LN- then we will never reach there o.0

      At the first chapter were I get the feeling of ‘why the hell is this an harem now???’, we drop it~

      If you ask yourself why- I HATE HAREM- will be your answer ^^

      Ell ❤


  4. Excuse me and what is the difference between this web novel and the ln ?, what I mean is that if I finish the 68 chapters of the wn in what volume of the ln would be the continuation?


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