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Hello, choiboy84 here.
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Chapter 1, Episode 5: Crimson Blade

The road, which was lush with greenery, had changed into one of gravel and large rocks strewn about.

With each step, pain shot up his legs.

If he tried to focus on avoiding the large rocks, he would needlessly exhaust himself.

Hiro thought he would be sore tomorrow for sure.

「Hiro, are you okay? I can carry you on my back if it hurts.」

「No, I can’t possible have a girl carry me… I am a guy too, you know.」

While feeling grateful towards her, Hiro kept his eyes on the summit.

Although it felt close, it was still far. But he could tell he was moving forward with the change in scenery.

Also, Liz would intermittently call for a short break.

I’m sure it’s for my sake.

Because no one else expressed their fatigue on their face as much as Hiro.

He knows he’s being a hindrance, but he isn’t allowed to complain.

The soldiers didn’t complain about Hiro’s hindrance either.

With each break, they would say things like, 「You got some guts there,」 or 「Just hang in there a little longer.」

Hiro was moved by the good-natured soldiers.

「This is where it gets hard. There are many monsters ahead, so you absolutely have to stick close to me.」

「Are more monsters like ogles* going to show up?」

(TL note: This was previously translated as “ogre”, but you’ll see why I changed this later.)

「Yeah. Or actually, groups of ogles.」

「Are you serious…?」

「I’m serious…」

And as Liz mimicked Hiro, a large group of rocks came tumbling down from in front of them.

「Hide in the shadows of the boulders!」

As Tris yelled out, the soldiers moved with swiftness.

Hiro didn’t move at that instant, but Liz held his hand and didn’t show any signs of moving either.

The ground shook violently, and it was difficult just to stand upright.

One of the rocks crashed into the boulders Tris was hiding behind and shattered with a bang.

The swarm of rocks fell from above like shooting stars.

A large rock flew out and was approaching Hiro to crush him. Hiro closed his eyes as he thought it was over for him.

But no matter how much time passed, he didn’t feel any pain.

Hiro timidly opened his eyes, and he saw before him, the large rock which was split in two and beginning to melt.

「Eh, what is this…?」

Hiro looked on, noticeably confounded.

But it wasn’t just one rock.

Using the melted rocks as a foothold, she flew overhead with a heavy thunk.

As a large shadow enveloped Hiro and the others, that’s when it happened.

Suddenly, the rocks were engulfed in flames and exploded.

The fragments avoided Hiro’s group and scattered near them.

As Hiro stood there dumbfounded, Liz called out to him.

「Hiro! Don’t move from that spot!」

As he looked in her direction, Liz was running towards the cluster of rocks.

The soldiers hiding in the shadows appeared calm.

Cerberus yawned beside Hiro.


The sound of an explosion shook the eardrums of a dazed Hiro.

In his peripherals, Liz kicked the ground, and landed in front of a rock.


Another rock exploded.

The fragments melted in the air, and fused to the ground with a zwoop sound.

Hiro finally realized that Liz was holding something in her hand.

「Oh, is this your first time seeing that, boy?」

A soldier said as he pat Hiro’s shoulder.

Hiro replied as he kept his gaze.

「Eh, what do you mean?」

「I mean the Spirit Sword, Laevateinn.」

Hearing the soldier’s words, his heart pounded hard.

「Ah, yes… I think it’s my first time.」

He held his chest back while staying locked on to the dancing girl.

She held a crimson sword in her hand.

A clear, crimson blade, as beautiful as pigeon blood ruby.

(TL note: Apparently “pigeon blood” is a type of ruby that’s more valuable than regular rubies.)

The golden grip shined brilliantly with the sun bathing it.

She cut the last rock to clear them away, and after finishing her disposal, she looked towards Hiro and waved her hand.

Her whole face lit up with a charming smile, and her glossy, red hair swayed in the wind.

Hiro couldn’t turn his eyes away from her as she walked with Laevateinn’s blade pointed to the ground.

It was an image that wouldn’t lose in beauty to any painting.

Again, his chest pumped hard.

Hiro clutched his chest and exhaled intensely.

「What is this…? What’s…」

His heart starts racing, and he can tell something’s raging inside.

But as the fair maiden looked at him and asked, 「Are you okay?」, he regains consciousness.



He let out a strange cry as he was startled, but that also surprised Liz and her eyes grew wide.

「S-Sorry. You were just really cool! That’s all!」

Hiro said, as he waved his hands in front of his face looking excited.

Liz’s face drew nearer, and she grabbed him by the shoulders as if to keep him from escaping.

「Really?! I was that cool?」

「Eh, well, how should I put it…? My chest got hot…? It was really pretty.」

「Come on, embarrassing me like that! Tell me again!」

Liz slapped Hiro’s shoulders over and over as she scratched her head.

「Now, let’s go, guys~」

「Got it. Carry my stuff, kid.」

「Mine, too.」

「Me, too.」

「If you would.」

「Can you carry mine, too?」

The soldiers who were so kind suddenly changed their attitudes out of nowhere.

A mountain of swords, spears, bows, and shields piled up in front of Hiro.

Aren’t these important items to save your lives? And Tris, why are you getting on board too?

As Hiro was about to voice his refusal, he was interrupted by the scream of a soldier.

「It’s a group of ogles!」

Everyone turned their gaze to where the soldier pointed all at once.

An unsightly ogle was forming a group and looking down on Hiro and the others.

In the center was one especially large ogle, and 7 others surrounding him.
「There’s an ogre there, too. Dios would’ve been happy if he were here.」

Liz gazed upon the group of ogles and showed a composed smile.

All the soldiers swiftly retrieved the weapons that were piled in front of Hiro.

「An ogre?」

「That’s right. There’s that one really big, gross looking one, right? They appear to be mutated. They’re more violent and more intelligent than the others, so they create groups and attack humans.」

「Could it be that the falling rocks earlier were caused by…」

「Correct. It was his doing. Maybe he wanted to enjoy some human flesh…」

「… Are we going to be okay?」

「This isn’t our first or second time taking down an ogre…. Dios has taken down so many that people call him 「Ogre*」.」

(TL note: the raw says just Ogre, though we think it should have been Ogre Killer…)


Apparently, the soldiers finished preparing for the battle while Hiro spoke.

The heavy infantry stood in front of Hiro and the others and created a wall, thrusting their shields into the ground.

The archery unit waits for the signal in the back, arrows nocked, and strings taut.

Liz looked at them satisfied, raised Laevateinn in the air, and flung it straight down.

「Archery unit, fire!」

A countless number of arrows flew straight toward the group of ogles.

The arrows pierced the large bodies in a flash.

Although they took down four of them in fell swoop, two of the enraged ogles came rushing down.

「Archery unit, aim for the legs!」

As Liz ordered, they accurately hit the ogles’ legs, and they vigorously tumbled down.

The wall of shields stopped the crashing ogles and the spears extending out between the open gaps put an end to them.

As if choosing to escape, the remaining ogre and the one ogle tried to climb the slope.



Cerberus jumps over the wall and rushes forward.

「Heavy infantry! Open the frontline! Light infantry, let’s do this!」


The wall of shields opened to each side, and the one leading the vanguard was Liz.

Tris and the light infantry followed behind.

Around this time, Cerberus had taken down the ogle, and was beginning to make sport of the ogre.

Around 10 minutes thereafter, the battle was decided.

As Hiro tried to regroup with Liz and the others, the ogre’s head rolled by his feet.

After seeing something he didn’t want to, Hiro looked up at the sky to try not to think about it.

The sun is high in the sky. Maybe it’s still around noon.

Liz said they would reach the summit around evening time.

Another 3~5 hours. They must climb this mountain.

※※※※※ ※※※※※

During that same time–

If you head 100 sels (300 km) southeast of the Imperial Capital Gladius, there is Cleven, the 2nd capital.

East of there, you can find Zegen village.

Because it is near the 2nd capital, there are hardly any bandits or monsters, and there is public order. But at this moment, an air of bloodlust envelops the area.

The village is surrounded by pitched tents, and the villagers are locked up in their houses out of fear.

There were 10 heavy infantrymen standing security near the village chief’s house.

In front of the door, there stood a flag with a crest of purple land and a sword and shield, flapping in the wind.

When you enter, you’re welcomed by a scrupulously well maintained hallway. Continuing left leads you to the guest room.

There sat a beautiful young girl, and a masculine young man.

「Lady Aura, is it all right for us to be loitering about here?」

The young man’s name Lawrence Alfred von Spitz.

His gaze was aimed towards his superior, who he worshipped as a goddess.

Trea Luzandi Aura von Bunadara.

Chief of Staff of the 3rd Imperial Army, and also known as 「Mars, the God of War」.

She is currently spellbound in a chair, left elbow resting on a desk, holding an open book in her right hand.


In the silent room, only the sound of pages turning would ring out.

Unsure of whether she hadn’t heard him, or if she was ignoring him, Spitz didn’t give up and called out to her again.

「Lady Aura, rather than just reading that book, I wish you would lend an ear to me as well.」

Bunadara had the habit of reading a book whenever she had free time.

What’s more, it was always the same book she would read.

It was a book which chronicled the life of the 2nd Emperor, who shared her name of 「Mars」.

It’s likely that if you searched the entire empire, you would not find anyone who had as thorough a knowledge of the 2nd Emperor as she.

「Lady Aura… please listen to me.」

Maybe his voice finally reached her. Buranada closes her book and looks towards Spitz.

Ahh… says Spitz, as he gets on his knees and prostrates himself from being so moved.

「Viscount Spitz… I am not trying to insult the 1st Emperor.」

「… Yes, m’lady…」

Spitz thought in his mind that it had begun again.

She always speaks of this after reading the legend.

「You cannot describe the reign of 1st Emperor Altius as anything other than magnificent. However, the one who laid the foundation for that reign… Was Second Emperor Schwarz*, who attained victory for this country immediately before its downfall, and conquered the surrounding countries.」

(TL note: German for “black”.)

「That is true indeed.」

「His majesty Schwarz took the throne past the age of 70 when his elder brother passed away. I wonder how he must have felt taking the throne at such an advanced age… He didn’t have much time left, and in reality, he left this world after just one year of his reign. If he had been the first emperor, he would surely have been able to unite this world. I’m sure he regretted that.」

Spitz hung his head low as his superior spoke passionately.

What she spoke of, was a matter 1,000 years in the past.

As of now, those two were deified and worshipped as the two great gods of Grantz.

Because the Grantz Grand Empire exists, those two surely must have existed in real life, but there is no doubt that that certain aspects have been dramatized.

For example, it is said that the 2nd Emperor Schwarz had defeated an army of 10,000 troops by himself in his final battle.

They say he had multiple muscle tears, broken ribs, that he sewed his own wounds closed, all while continuing and ultimately winning his battle.

Even with one of the 5 Spirit Swords, that would be impossible.

At best, Spitz thought it was probably 1,000.

Although that would have also been impressive in it of itself… he wanted her try concentrate on what was before them now, rather than the past.

「Lady Aura… How long will you remain here?」

「… I still have so many things I want to say.」

「A letter has arrived from Lord Brutar.」

「… What does it say?」
「I have not read it.」

「Why not?」

「Why not…? Someone as lowly as I couldn’t possible break the seal of a letter from the Imperial family.」

「I wish to enjoy this elation from having just read the legend of Emperor Schwarz, I will allow


「… Understood. Then I shall read it.」

Spitz took out the gaudily decorated envelope.

On one piece of paper, it was written thusly.

My DearMars,

I cannot help but feel astounded that I have yet to hear good news from you, when it has been 10 days since you left the castle.

There is no reason to restrain yourself because your opponent is of the Imperial family.

Fell the hammer of death on that impertinent little girl.

I am sure this is needless concern, but if you so wish, I will send as many troops as you want. Just say the word.

May the Twelve Great Gods of Grantz be with you, my dear Mars.

    Grand Grantz Empire, Third Prince, Brutar.

「–That is what it says.」

「What an impatient person.」

Bunadara said with an annoyed expression, as Spitz smiled wryly towards her.

「There is no helping it. Even though he is 3rd in line for the throne, if something were to happen to the 1st Prince, there is a possibility of the 6th Princess taking the throne, see as how she has the divine protection of a Spirit Sword.」

「None of the past emperors have received the divine protection of the 5 Spirit Swords. The 28th and 36th emperors did not even know how to handle a sword. What’s important is whether or not you have the qualities to become emperor.」

「… It would be nice if Lord Brutar would realize that.」

「If he did, he wouldn’t do anything to incite the wrath of the emperor.」


「Burn the letter. It is nothing but unpleasant.」


Spitz threw the letter into a nearby hearth, and took out a small, red talisman.

When he threw that in as well, a pillar of fire rose up, and the letter turned to ash without leaving a single trace behind.

As if to question him, Bunadara looked towards Spitz.

「A spirit talisman to burn a letter…? Isn’t that wasteful?」

「I burned a letter from the Imperial family. Even if a shred were left behind, you would be in danger, Lady Aura. We do not know what might happen unless we are thorough.」

「… That does make sense. I will send a letter to the Spirit King’s Mausoleum later. Shall we buy about 20? It should be fine to bill it to Lord Brutar.」

「No, one spirit talisman is not much of an expense.」

So said Spitz, but one spirit talisman costs 3 Grantz golden coins.

A commoner makes 3 Dratz silver coins in one day.

10 Dratz silvers coins is worth 1 Grantz silver coin, and 10 Grantz silver coins is worth 1 Grantz gold coin.

Although it is a price which is difficult for commoners to afford, because spirit talismans are precious items which can even cure illnesses, many people head to the Spirit King’s Mausoleum to seek them, regardless of social status.

However, the chances of commoners purchasing them are low.

This is because 80~100 talismans are purified each day, and they are all bought up by the Imperial family or great nobles.

Although they do appear in the market, they are mostly sold for twice the price.

「We also have reserves, so we should have enough for this next battle.」

Because of a scarcity of goods from high prices as of late, talismans are mainly used against spirit weapons. There are none who would use them to burn a letter like this.

Even if it were the Imperial family, such usage would cause a decline in finances, and ruin is what would await them.

Spitz’s is not a poor house, but neither is it rich. Spirit charms should be valuable to him.

Seeing her zealous subordinate, Bunadara lets out a sigh and puts on a serious face.

「It’s not that I’m just playing around here. Margrave Grinda’s territory is immediately before


「… Do you plan to invade?」

「Whether we battle or not depends on their mood… But afterwards, we wait for the 6th Princess. After convincing her to comply, we send her to Lord Brutar.」

「But Lord Burtar wishes for the death of the 6th Princess.」

「Do you not know what will happen if the life of the 6th Princess is taken?」

「… The emperor will be enraged, and if we are not careful, Lord Brutar will be beheaded,


「She is the possessor of Laevateinn. Because it is such a rarity, the emperor surely will not forgive his son’s barbarism.」

「But if I disobey Lord Brutar’s order, I would be in danger.」

「The opinions of people change. If Lord Brutar’s calms himself, I’m sure he will not make the wrong decision.」

「Understood. Then, what will we do now?」

「First, shall we send a letter? As for the contents… Tell them, we wish for them to hand over the 6th Princess. This is an order from the commander of the 3rd Imperial army. If they do not acknowledge this, I am prepared to use force. I await an agreeable reply. Something to that effect please.」

After saying that, her gaze went down and she returned to her entertaining book.

Spitz could not help but open his eyes wide in response to such provocative words.

This is as if she were suggesting a war.

He hears that Margrave Grinda is a gentle person, and by no means belligerent.

He might have acknowledged this normally, but their target is the 6th Princess, who is also his niece.

Spitz closed the door to the guest room and let out a heavy sigh.


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