Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

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Chapter 1, Episode 21: Child Prodigy

Grantz Grand Empire, Margrave Grinda’s Territory.

South of there, you will find the dukedom of Lichtein, whose economy revolves around their slave trade.

Fort Belk, which lies at their border, is surrounded by a wasteland full of rocks and dirt.

The closest village is a day’s journey by foot, and the border town of Links is a two days’ journey by horse.

Although it is said to be the frontline of the south, the dukedom of Lichtein and the Grantz Grand Empire, which makes use of Lichtein’s slave system, had not so much as had any skirmishes in many years.

Which is why, although Fort Belk was kept maintained, it was nothing but useless in terms of a drawn out war.

Imperial year 1023, June 1.

The Sixth Imperial Princess had arrived at Fort Belk.

Unsure of what they would do should they be surrounded by the enemy, Hiro was feeling uneasy.

The enemy army was setting up camp at a distance, and the two foes were glaring at each other.

Tris signs at a guard, and when he walks through an iron gate, a large central plaza jumps into view.

It is mainly used as a training ground for the soldiers. To the east is lodging for the officers, and to the west are rows of tenements for the troops.

On the north side is a tower with facilities like the war room, a large bath, and a dining hall. A soldier guides Hiro and the others up a set of spiral stairs to the war room.

The wall on the right had a map of the central continent, and next to it was one of the world.

In the middle of the room was a long table with 10 seats lined alongside it.

Near a window overlooking the central plaza was a flag with a crest of white soil and a golden lion, and another with brown soil and a rose.

Other than that, it was a simple room.

As Hiro and the others enter the room, 3 people notice their entrance and get up from their seats to salute them.

The first one to step forward was a bearded gentleman who was overflowing with elegance.

With his scrupulously maintained armor, he approached Liz with a clatter and embraced her.

「I’m glad you arrived here safely. You’ve grown so much in the short while I haven’t seen you.」

「Uncle Grinda, it’s been so long!」

As he watched the two who were rejoicing in their reunion, Hiro felt a gaze boring into him.

When he looked in the direction of where the gaze was coming from, there stood a beautiful young girl.

Her thin, smooth, silver hair was glittering from the light shining in through the window.

She had a small face and big, round eyes. She reminded you of a small animal, inciting a desire to care for her.

Her bangs were long enough to hide her eyebrows, which made her look all the younger.

It might have been due to her lead colored eyes, or her expressionless face, but she gives off a cold impression.

She was even shorter than Hiro, who was aware of his small stature.

She had on a black themed military uniform. Her sleeves were extremely long and her hands were hidden from view.

Her clothes were so big that you could call them baggy.

(Is she a soldier? I feel like she might be too young though.)

She had in her left hand a book which he remembered seeing before.

He tried to recall where, but having grown impatient, the young girl approaches him and interrupts his thoughts.

「… Who are you?」

She asks expressionlessly and seemingly in a daze.

She seemed to be both looking at Hiro and not. She gave off a mysterious air.


Someone muttered.

Next to the spot where the young girl originally was, a handsome man with brown hair was staring in their direction surprised.

Hiro tilted his head and thought it was odd.

He felt a tug on the sleeve of his uniform so he looks to the young girl once more.

「… Who are you?」

「My name’s Hiro. Oh, and I’m a commoner.」

「Hiro… Hiro… Hiro? Hiro Hiro Hiro Hiro.」

Hiro forces a smile at the young girl who began to mumble his name repeatedly.

The way she was saying his name sounded like the cry of an animal. He wished she would stop.

「… I see.」

The young girl nods her head, rummages through her long sleeves, and extends a pair of white hands.

There was something wrapped in paper atop her hands.

「This is for you. It’s a Second Emperor bun.」

「… Th-Thanks.」

He accepted the buns while being surprised that buns existed in this world, too.

He felt the bun would be a bit awkward to eat, seeing as how it was warmed by her body heat.

This might be considered a reward to a certain type of people though.

Actually, there was a handsome, brown haired man who looked like he was about to cry tears of blood.

That man was looking at Hiro with a mix of frustration and jealousy in his eyes.

The girl who was standing in front of the confused Hiro touched her hand to her chest while her sleeves dangled.

「Trea Luzandi Aura von Bunadara. My rank is brigadier general. I will allow you to call me Aura.」

「How courteous of you…」

Hiro lowered his head while thinking this girl was quite mature. Then, he lifts his head confused, and stares intently at the young girl.

「… Is something the matter?」

「Umm, may I ask you a question?」

「I don’t mind. What might your question be?」

She tilted her head slightly to the side with a blank expression. Even though she was expressionless, it was an adorable gesture.

「Are you the 「Mars」 from the rumors?」

「That’s right.」

She replied immediately without hesitation.

And after being called 「Mars」, it was just a slight change, but it looked like her face softened a bit with pride.

This young girl took the name of 「Mars」, which he was once known by.

She was the youngest ever to be selected as one of the Third Imperial Prince’s staff officers, and a child prodigy who serves as his chief of staff at just 17.

To think that she was this small… To begin with, Hiro is surprised at the fact that she is the same age as him.

(So this is the girl… Hmm?)

Hiro sensed that something was wrong.

As he wonders what it is…


He groans like a middle aged man and Aura disappears from his field of view.

In his confusion, he tried to see what happened and saw that he was knocked over by Liz and that she was rubbing her cheek against Aura’s.

「Ahh~ so cute! Oh my goodness! You’re so soft!」


「So this is 「Mars」. Wow! It’s true… I don’t think I stand a chance against this overwhelmingly destructive power!」


With an irritated face, Aura lets the Imperial Princess do as she pleases.

He wasn’t sure if she didn’t resist because Liz was an Imperial Princess, even if she was depraved, or because it was a hassle, but Hiro decided to stop Liz since Aura didn’t seem to like like the situation.

「Liz, it doesn’t look like she likes that. Why don’t you stop?」

「But she’s so soft!」

「Ahh, I guess there’s not helping it…」 Hiro muttered and retreated back.

It’s not that he was scared because her eyes became bloodshot. Not at all.

—Sorry. Please don’t look at me like that.

After he apologized in his heart to Aura, who was looking at him with a bitter look on her face, he decided to leave her be until Liz grew tired. Incidentally, the gentlemanly Uncle had approached Hiro.

「Hello. I believe you’ve heard about me from Liz, but let me introduce myself.」

The old man extends his hand, which Hiro grasps.

He appears to be thin, but his hands are rugged. It’s apparent that he does not slack in his training.

「Ruzen Kiolk von Grinda. I am the Margrave of the Grinda territory. You can casually call me Old Man Kiolk.」

「I’m Hiro. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Kiolk.」

There’s no way he can call someone so aesthete “old man”.

「I guess it’s too soon…」 Kiolk muttered, but Hiro didn’t hear him.

「Excuse me.」

Kiolk walked toward Tris and Cerberus after he excused himself.

As if he had taken the old man’s place, the handsome, brown haired man appears before Hiro.

「… The tension in here went flying out the window because of you guys. Well, since there are 12,000 opponents, this might be better than getting all worked up. But still, what a waste.」

The handsome, brown haired man snorted and extended his hand.

Hiro grasped the hand of the man who seemed to be making a conscious effort to be cold.

「Lawrence Alfred von Spitz is the name. A viscount and a second class enlisted officer. I’m currently acting as Lady Aura’s aide. Call me Lord Alfred.」

In the Grantz Grand Empire, enlisted officers mostly serve in positions in the field of military affairs. There are also administrative officers who serve in governmental positions.

First, second, and third class officers are high grade officers. Fourth, fifth, and sixth class officers are low grade officers.

Incidentally, Tris is a third class enlisted officer.

「… I’ll call you Alfred.」

「Well, that’s fine, too.」

「Yeah… okay.」

He thought he was the type to frantically snap back, but apparently, he was not.

Though Hiro thought he was a bit childish.

「There’s no way a commoner like you would enrage a noble like me.」

He ended up taking back his previous thoughts after being told that in such a disagreeable manner.

「I see… there’s something I’d like to say to you as an aide.」

「What is it?」

「Is it okay for you not to help Aura?」

「I told you, I’m a noble. Commoners aside… I can’t possibly give orders to her Highness.」

He says pathetically as he crosses his arm proudly.

「Besides, look at that image of two beautiful maidens intertwined. I’m satisfied with that alone.」

This guy doesn’t have a ounce of tension in him, Hiro thought.

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