Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

Chapter 19 desu!

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Chapter 1, Episode 19: Premonition

Two days after the nameless battle on the wasteland.

Imperial Year 1023, May 28.

Liz, Hiro, Tris, and 8 heavy infantrymen were straddles on horses, and Cerberus was running on all fours alongside them. They were riding their horses 8 sels (24 km) away from the border town of Links.

Though there were 150 soldiers at the beginning of the journey, frequent encounters with monsters, and the battle with Lichtein had dwindled their numbers.

But Liz’s hips keep moving forward, and Hiro had his arms around them.

「When we reach Fort Belk, we have to train you in horseback riding.」

「No… I can’t ride them.」

He trained day and night with the first Emperor Altius as his teacher 1,000 years ago. Though he was able to straddle a horse, he couldn’t even make it walk. He didn’t improve any further from that point.

Because wagons were constantly used on the battlefield, he didn’t think it would be inconvenient, but maybe he needed to consider it more proactively than that.

There were two reasons for him arriving to that thought.

One, was that Tris’s face was extremely scary.

The other, was that her soft chest occasionally touched him.

The latter was the thornier problem for Hiro.

He sat behind the first Emperor 1,000 years ago as well, but because he was man, it didn’t particularly arouse any strange feelings in him.

But the one before him now is female.

Though he got the feeling the bulge in her chest left a bit to be desired, she would likely be known around the world as an unequaled beauty in the future.

(Why is she so soft…? Is it because she’s an Imperial princess?)

As he had such ridiculous thoughts, the ever vigilant Tris approached with his horse.

Of course, he doesn’t forget to glare at Hiro. Typical Tris.

「Princess, let us rest a while after going a little farther.」

「Right. I want to know the situation in Links, and Cerberus looks like he’s having a hard time, too… Plus I’d like to let the horses rest.」

Cerberus is running quickly alongside them with his tongue hanging out loosely.

「I will send about 2 men to take a look at the situation in Links. We can afford to wait for the report before heading into town.」

By all means, they should have reached Fort Belk by now.

But because they continuously ran into unforeseen incidences, there is probably no harm in being too careful.

「Let’s rest after about another 2 sels (6 km). Is that okay with you, Hiro?」

「I wouldn’t mind taking a break right now.」

It’s not really that he’s tired. His behind simply hurts.

Compared to Hiro, Liz looks refreshed, like she’s not having a hard time at all.

Even though her behind looked soft, as he was about to come to the conclusion that it was actually hard, he caught something in the corner of his eyes and shouted.

「Liz, stop!」

She responded immediately and her horse came to a sudden stop.

Tris and the trailing soldiers were slow in noticing and they stopped after overpassing them.

「What’s wrong? Did you bite your tongue or something?」

「That’s not it! There’s a kid over there being attacked!」

She responded with urgency in her voice.

「Oh no! Where! By who?!」

Liz turned her head around in a panic.

「Over there!」

After looking where Hiro was pointing, the tension from Liz released all at once.

「That’s not a kid.」

「Eh? They look human though…」

‘Was I mistaken?’ Hiro thinks as his rubs his eyes. In his eyes, he saw a child-like something being attacked by a bird that was two times the size of vultures.

「Tris, it’s a bit soon, but let’s take a break.」


Liz came down from the horse first and extended her hand towards Hiro.

「That thing that looks like a bird is called a geldem. The one that looks like a kid is a goblin.」

After he came down with the help of Liz’s hand, he tilted his head and looked at the goblin.

Although there were also monsters 1,000 years ago, there weren’t any small ones like that.

It had horns growing out of its head, was flesh colored, had big round eyes, and a child-like face that gave off a certain charm.

It wore green clothes which was a one piece outer garment and skirt, and it had a twig in its hand which it was swinging at the geldem.

「We don’t have to help it? I don’t think I can just sit here and watch.」

Even from afar, you could tell it was desperate.

It’s doubtful that it can repel an attack from the sky which it can’t even reach.

As he looked on worried, he began to feel like a father the moment his child stood up for the first time.

But Liz shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

「If you get too close, you’ll get dragged in. You don’t have to worry about it.」

「Well if I’m going to help, of course I’ll get dragged in.」

「No, no. If you watch for a bit, you’ll see.」

After saying that, Liz sat cross legged on the ground.

Tris was instructing soldiers to check the situation in town.

Two horses kicked up a cloud of dust and ran across the sparse wasteland.

Hiro was watching the goblin on edge, but in an instant, his face turned pale.

A group of goblins had bustled out from the ground.

One goblin got on its friend’s back, then another one jumped on that goblin.

And so, they created a pillar and knocked the geldem down with the twig.

「What is that…?」

「Goblins were originally earth spirits. The spirit king apparently got mad at them for causing too much mischief, and made them earth sprites on Aletia. They get along well with dwarves. I often seen them help out with blacksmithing.」

The sight of the goblins standing up against an opponent two times their size was impressive. They were toying with the geldem with quick movements, not giving it a chance to counterattack.

But because it was just being tapped by a twig, it was likely annoying at best. Actually, the geldem did just look annoyed and didn’t seem to be in pain.

At any rate, Hiro thought the goblins were cute.

「If you did jump in to help them, you probably would’ve been struck along with the geldem.」

「… Good thing I didn’t go. That looks like an annoying attack.」

「Hehe, it does. But goblins are scary when they’re unable to use a twig.」

「What does that mean exactly?」

「Mm, Tris almost died. There are some people who call the goblins’ attack “Death of Meteor”*. It’s as powerful as you’d expect from a former spirit.」

TL note: Kanji is actually “Meteor of Death”…

An attack that can almost take Tris’s life. Amazing.

The moment he felt a chill down his spine, the goblins threw their twig away and began striking with their fists.

However, the image of the geldem enduring it was all the more scary.

As the two were watching the goblins’ battle and talking about trifling things…

「By the way, there are only doe* goblins.」

TL note: She uses a word for female that’s specifically for animals. Since there’s no general word for female regarding animals in English, I just arbitrarily went with a rabbit.

He’s curious about the word she uses, but just then, the soldiers who went to check on the town return.

They were accompanied by a neatly dressed man who looked to be in his prime.

As soon as the man dismounted his horse, he touched his hand to his chest and put a knee to the ground without concern for getting dirty.

「Your highness Celia Estreya, it is an honor to meet you. My name is Kurt von Tarmie. I am currently acting as Margrave Grinda’s deputy during his absence.」

Liz stands up, touches her hand to her chest, and returns his greeting.

「I am Celia Estreya Elizabeth von Grantz. I have been granted the position of Major General from his highness the Emperor.」

Her elegance and dignified expression befitting the Sixth Imperial Princess was becoming of her.

「Deputy Margrave Tarmie, where did my Uncle go?」

「To Fort Belk. The Lichtein dukedom crossed our borders and closed in on us for an attack 4 days ago. According to reports, they number 12,000. However, thanks to the presence of

「Mars」, we are still in a stalemate.」

Tarmie handed her an envelope.

「I was told to hand this to you should you come by here.」

Liz took the envelope, opened it, and glanced through the piece of paper.

She nodded her head many times, as if agreeing, then stared at Tris.

「… Tris!」


Tris, as well as the 8 heavy infantrymen, placed their knees on the ground.

「We’re heading to Fort Belk. But let’s get some rest in Links first.」

After multiple battles, they had come this far on horseback without any sleep.

No matter how well trained these soldier are, they’re fatigue had likely accumulated, even if you couldn’t tell one bit from Tris and the others’ faces.

「You want to read it too, Hiro?」

「Is it okay for you to let me read it just like that?」

He looks at Liz, a bit surprised.

Although it depends on the content, a letter meant for a specific individual like this probably shouldn’t been shown to just anyone.

At least, that’s how Hiro looked at it.

But she lightly nods and hands the letter to Hiro.

This is what was written on the letter.

My dear Elizabeth.

I am glad that you safely arrived to Links.

However, let us exchange words at length once we meet again.

I will be waiting at Fort Belk.

Ruzen Kiolk von Grinda.

「Deputy Margrave Tarmie, how many forces do you have at Fort Belk?」

「… Including 「Mars’s」 army, about 3,000.」

「That’s big difference again.」

After dealing with 3,000, now it’s 12,000. It was understandable that Liz looked crestfallen.

Hiro was thinking about the situation and sighed.

When he thought about it, He had no status whatsoever in this world.

One false step and he would’ve been less than a commoner. If he hadn’t met Liz, he would’ve been out on the streets.

Even if someone like that came up with a plan, it wouldn’t be employed.

Also, it’s doubtful anyone would believe him if he said he was the hero from 1,000 years ago.

(Although, it’s possible that Liz might believe me…)

Anyway, he decides to put a pin in it until he gets a grasp of the situation.

He can think of about it once he does. It won’t be too late to decide on the best course of action after that.

Hiro looked overhead. The ultramarine sky continued on endlessly, unaware of anyone’s feelings.


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