Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

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Chapter 1, Episode 17: Torture


The Lichtein army’s encampment was set up 2 sels (6km) away from the cliffs.

Within a surrounding fence, were hundreds of tents. In the middle, was one extravagant tent which stood out.

Inside that tent, splitting from the middle, staff officers and their commanding officers were lined up to the left and right.

Sitting atop a large chair inside, Viscount Lichtein listened to his staff officer’s damage report while looking enraged.


「… 6 officers, 812 infantrymen, 219 casualties. That is all.」


Having finished his report, the chief of staff returned to the line.

The 500 soldiers that were sent out for a surprise attack from behind were also completely annihilated.

Many soldiers were lost due to more resistance than expected from the Sixth Imperial Princess. And thanks to the man in black who barged onto the battlefield, the first battle ended in a loss.

Viscount Lichtein threw his wine glass on the ground and it shattered into tiny pieces.


「Are you telling me we lost around 1,000 soldiers against less than 100 enemies?!」


The faces of his subordinates become tense.


「How am I supposed to face my brother?! Are you telling me to report to him that I lost 1,000 men for no reason, without even capturing the Sixth Imperial Princess?!」


The chief of staff came forward once more.


「There is also the unforeseen incident. I’m sure your Excellency saw as well. That thing could hardly be called human!」

「Hah! Do you want me to report to my brother that 1,000 men were killed by one person? If I told him something like that, my head would go flying!」


Unable to hide his irritation, Viscount Lichtein kicked his chair away.

The chair crashed into a desk with a loud bang and broke into pieces.

Still not satisfied, Viscount Lichtein grabbed one of the officers.


「… It’s true that he had astounding abilities, but who’s the one that let him have his way? It was you officers!」

「… Plainly witnessing such powers, we had no choice but to withdraw due to the fear it instilled!」

「There’s a limit to how pathetic you can be! And you still call yourselves soldiers of Lichtein?!」


After he thrust the officer away, he glared at each of the men inside the tent, one at a time.


「When day breaks, we will launch a general offensive. Retreat will not be allowed. Step forward if you have a problem with that.」


It was supposed to be an easy war. By all means, it was supposed to end in a few hours.

Because of this, they were unprepared for a night battle, and so ended up allowing their enemies time to rest.


「None. Then this war council is over. Hurry up and assign replacements for the officers that died. None of you have any time for sleep. Think of a good plan by daybreak. I’ll make slaves of any of you who are useless.」


His subordinates to the left and right struck their left shoulders, put a knee to the ground, and all spoke.


「「「As you wish.」」」


Immediately after, a flushed messenger came tumbling into the tent.


「An enemy attack! Their numbers are unknown! We are currently under attack!」


Everyone was dumbfounded.

It couldn’t be helped. The enemy was nearly annihilated. It was impossible to imagine that they would come to attack.

Doubting his own ears, Viscount Lichtein questioned the messenger.


「… What did you say?」

「I repeat! An enemy attack! Their numbers are unknown! We are currently under attack!」

「Ridiculous… The enemy’s already taking their last gasp of air!」


Flustered, Viscount Lichtein exited the tent. Following him, the staff officers and commanding officers also came flying out. There was angry yelling, screaming, and the roaring of hooves. The soldiers who were resting had fallen into a panic.


「What’s going on?! Could it be that enemy reinforcements have arrived?!」


The enemy should be centered around foot soldiers and archers.

They don’t have any cavalry. If they do, then it’s possible they have reinforcements.

But, that’s impossible.


「Could it be… that my brother lost?」


He ponders.


「No, impossible.」


Viscount Lichtein immediately denied the thought.

The main force of 12,000 men should be attacking Fort Belk.

In other words, as long as they don’t lose, reinforcements will not come.


「I heard the opponent was 「Mars」, but…」


It was two day ago he had arrived here as a detached unit to capture the Sixth Imperial Princess.

Even if she is one known as 「Mars」, it’s not likely that she is capable of defeating 12,000 troops so easily.

But if there aren’t reinforcements, what is he to make of this situation?

To the side of the confused Viscount Lichtein, a staff officer was yelling out orders to commanding officers.


「Return and take command of each of your units! Gather here once you regain your


「Yes, sir!」


An officer tried to run off, but he crumbled and fell on the spot.

A young boy crosses over the dead body and approaches a worn out spear with one hand out.


「Good… I was wondering what I’d do if you didn’t have your war council.」


The staff officer sees the relieved young boy.




He let out a scream and fell on his back.

Having tossed aside the old spear, the young boy took a sword from the dead officer.


「Yup. It’s well maintained. I can tell this person was zealous about their work.」


With a swift swing of his sword to the side, the head of the staff officer who had fallen in fear came falling down.

You cannot so easily remove a fear that has been instilled on the battlefield.

The staff officers and commanding officers drew back as their faces stiffened.


「I can’t allow you to escape. Because if I let you escaped, there will be people who will be met with misfortune.」


He changes his grip on the sword to hold it horizontally and throws it.


It pierces the forehead of a staff officer who had tears in his eyes.

Seeing the blood spray out from their comrade, the others tried to escape.

However, they turn to mere lumps of flesh and blood as they pray for salvation.

The soldiers in the surrounding area realized something was unusual at headquarters, but because they had no commander, they ran around in a panic as they fell prey to the horseback rider.

The only one left was Viscount Lichtein. He quickly runs to his tent.

When the young boy picked up a reverse blade sword and entered the tent, Viscount Lichtein was there with a bejeweled sword in hand and a smile on his face.


「Hehe, I don’t know who you are, but before this sword, you’re no different from a baby.」

「… A spirit weapon, huh.」


As the young boy shrugs his shoulders, he swings his sword down on the remains of a chair nearby him.

He swings down over and over again, and the blade starts to nick.


「… What are you doing?」


Viscount Lichtein furrowed his brow and looked on puzzled at the young boy’s inexplicable actions.

In the hand of the young boy who turned around, was an item which no longer held the form of a sword and was ought to have been disposed of.


「Did you know? It’s because people have reason that they’re able to be cruel. It’s something I learned from by brother in law, and oddly, I understand.」

「Wh-What are you saying?」

「I’m going to ask you a number of questions now, and I’d like you to answer them.」

「L-Like I said, what are you talking about?!」


He yelled out, growing impatient that his words seemed to fall on deaf ears.


「First, I want to go with a finger, but since I don’t have that much time… I guess I’ll go with an arm.」


The young boy disappears from view.

When he reappeared, there was an abyss staring into Viscount Lichtein.

The next moment, he is assailed by an intense pain and he looks at his arm. The now jagged saw-like sword was digging into his upper arm.



「Question. Did you kill Dios?」



He’s kicked in the face and his big frame goes flying.


「Ugh, s-someone… I need a medic!」


Viscount Lichtein lets go of his spirit weapon and places his hand on his arm as he is agonizing in the intense pain.


「Maybe I’ll go for your ankle next. I would really like it if you’d answer me before you died.」


Viscount Lichtein lifts his face to look up. There was a void there.

There was no emotion whatsoever. There stood one who was so cold, that it was questionable whether or not they were even human.

He recalls the word that was repeated by the soldiers who had lost their minds on the frontline.




Viscount Lichtein’s mind breaks and he digs his head into the ground.


「P-Please, stop… I’ll surrender… It’s my loss.」


「The rules regarding prisoners of war in the bilateral agreement. Excessive cruelty, as well as mortally wounding those who surrender are—」


The black-haired young boy interrupted Viscount Lichtein while he was explaining.


「I don’t know anything about that. I’m not a soldier of the Empire. That doesn’t concern me.」

「… Huh?」

「More importantly, you haven’t answered my question. I don’t have time. Would you talk for me if I took off a leg?」


The young boy approaches as he continues to speak indifferently.


「Ah, gah!」


The young boy dug the blade into Viscount Lichtein’s leg and exhaled an ice cold breath of air.


「—Did you kill Dios?」



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